Fontana Luxury Bathroom Shower SetIf you are looking to make your shower better, then the Fontana Luxury Bathroom Shower Set will do just that. However there is so much more to this innovative shower set than simply adding fun to your shower time. It is also incredibly practical and safe, especially for children.

This shower set that includes a 10 inch shower head and shower arm, creates different colored lights while you shower, that also let you know what temperature the water is. There are also a variety of 6 different water jet settings ranging from gentle to vigorous jets of water. This bathroom shower set really does have something to offer everyone in the family.

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The chrome plated 10 inch shower head contains green, blue and red LED colors

The square chrome shower head is mounted directly over where you will stand in the shower, so it is perfectly placed to give you a through and invigorating shower. There is also a separate water tube that controls the 6 different water jets that are available. This is placed within easy reach of where you stand for optimal comfort and ease of use.

Water powered jets operate via a powerful in built dynamo

It is water pressure alone that allows the different jet settings to work. No batteries are needed which is an added bonus. You can choose to have gentle rainfall for a more soothing shower, or alternatively you can choose the massaging water setting, which will allow for a more powerful and targeted jet of water. The real beauty of this shower set is that the water flow can also be adjusted to your own preferences. You can also choose to have side jets of water during your shower.

Colors change depending on water temperature

Children of course will love the way in which the water changes color, and it is most definitely one way in which to make shower time more fun. However they also serve a safety purpose. The blue LED light will only show when the water is below 113 degrees F, ad more importantly the red LED will only show when the temperature is above 122 degrees F. This is a fantastic safety feature and can prevent children from becoming scalded in the shower.

Easy to install and clean

This shower set is incredibly easy to install and maintain. The connection is via a standard G1/2″, so is fairly easy. The shower set actually arrives with everything that you need for easy installation as well as a user manual. The chrome on this shower head is also easily cleaned. It simply needs to be washed with soap and water once a week, so is very low maintenance. The colored LED’s situated with the shower head are unobtrusive and again can be kept clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

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