Butcher BlockThe right kitchen makes a huge different from the kitchen faucet to the counter space to the island. There are so many things you can do to make your kitchen easier to work within and a butcher block island is one of them.

This type of island is built to be removable and usually has wheels. You can easily move it in and out, as needed. When you need more room for cutting and prepping, it becomes your best friend. You can even include some storage with a few hooks and a middle shelf.

How to Build a Butcher Block Island

The easiest way to build this type of island is with the right butcher block and the right gas pipe and fittings. The gas pipe will become the legs and the butcher block will become both the cutting surface and the bottom foundation/storage shelves. Add a few wheels to the bottom and you will have a great new spot for preparing vegetables for your kitchen.

Make sure you build your island tall enough to be comfortable for you to use. It’s also important to get wheels with locks on them so that it doesn’t move while you are trying to cut.

The best part about the butcher block is that it’s easy to clean and provides a great cutting surface. With a smaller piece and a little more piping, you can create a middle shelve with hooks to store pans. This is also a great place to put vegetables you plan to cut next or have already cut.

The Materials

Butcher Block IslandYou will need Gas Pipe and Fittings, which you can easily get from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Make sure you get the right fittings to create a handle on one side for easy moving.

Along with the gas piping, you will need budget block. The top and the bottom pieces should be the same size, but the middle piece can be smaller. The size really depends on how large you want your butcher block island to be and how large your budget is. Here are some of the better choices and they all range in size.

Regardless of the size you want to choose, you can certainly create the right butcher block island to fit your kitchen. Make sure you get two pieces that are the same size and one that is smaller for the middle shelf.

You will also need a set of good wheels. The Honey-Can-Do Casters are a great choice. They have a lock on each wheel and provide plenty of strength for your butcher block island.

Once you have the materials, you can use one of the many videos on the internet if you need help building your butcher block island.