New kitchen faucet trends are now available for those who would like to purchase and install a stylish, feature-filled and functional faucet in their kitchen. A kitchen faucet is considered to be one of the most hardworking pieces of equipment in a household.

It performs a variety of functions such as filling your kettle, rinsing vegetables and aiding in washing the dishes.

Because of this, it is just right for a homeowner to invest in one which is not only appealing, but is also durable enough to last for a lifetime. If you are still on the process of selecting the best faucet for your kitchen, then it would help to research about the newest kitchen faucet trends so you will have a better idea which to choose.

Bridge-style Faucet

The recent trends in the field of kitchen faucets have shown that the classic bridge-style faucet is quickly gaining back its popularity. It has become popular in various kitchen faucet applications including traditional and modern. Its popularity can also be attributed to the increased functionality provided by its separate or integrated spring setting.

The appeal of bridge-style faucets can also be attributed to its rustic and country look. Most bridge faucets are currently available in various finishes including those in oil-rubbed bronze and polished nickel.

Modern Streamlined, Sensor and One-touch Faucets

These are also considered to be a trend these days, particularly the pull-down style. This increases the modern flair of your kitchen while also providing utmost convenience.

It is perfect for both traditional and modern sinks. Sensor and one-touch faucets will also most likely capture the attention of homeowners. The advanced features of these high-tech faucets also have the potential of killing germs and bacteria.

Two-handle Faucet

This type of kitchen faucet seems to never go out of style. It is because of its timeless design that adapt to all forms of kitchen environment. It features individual handles or levers as a means of controlling the supply of cold and hot water. The installation process for a two-handle kitchen faucet also involves mounting it into one hole in your worktop or sink.

Single Lever Faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST Single Handle Kitchen FaucetSingle lever kitchen faucets has become a trend recently because of its effectiveness in controlling the flow and temperature of water using just one hand. It features ceramic discs integrated into the cartridge. These discs support effective fingertip control on the water mixture. It is also very convenient to use so expect your other hand to be free and use it to control the rinsing spray.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Pull down kitchen faucets are very popular. They provide a sprayer that goes up into the faucet, which makes it very convenient to wash vegetables, clean dishes and work in the kitchen. This is one of the most popular kitchen faucet trends, currently.

Widespread Kitchen Faucets

Widespread kitchen faucets are not new, but still a very popular design trend for kitchens. This type of faucet features two handles for hot and cold water, a side sprayer and a spout. They are used in two hole or more installations.

Pot Filler Faucets

Some chefs and homeowners prefer a faucet with more flexibility. The pot filler kitchen faucets provides something you cannot find in all faucets You will be able to use this as a wall mount installation or deck mount faucet and it will help you easily fill pots. They are often used with island cook tops and as a compliment to your main faucet.

Commercial/Industrial Style Kitchen Faucet

Blanco 157-140-CR Meridian Semi Professional Kitchen FaucetA design of a pull-down kitchen faucet with a very industrial look, the commercial kitchen faucet has become very popular. It’s a gooseneck design and stands very tall in your kitchen. This pro style kitchen faucet has a very long hose and provides a multi-option spray head for easier cleaning and working in your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the best out of the many kitchen faucets today, it is advisable to figure out if its body is made of the most solid material. The ceramic discs must also allow smooth and easy to use actuation.

If possible, pick a kitchen faucet which does only belong to the recent trends, but also features a guarantee. This proves that its manufacturer is confident about its quality and ability to perform its functions for years.