Rain showers like LightInTheBox 8 Inch Single Function Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower Head are currently the most widely liked shower head available in the market. Commonly, people use rain showers for luxurious bathing experience. These types of shower heads are typically larger in size. It commonly comes in 6-8 inches. The working principal of rain showers are as follows:
Rain cans normally drop water from the top at a minimum pressure to reproduce rainfall. One of the best in this category is the LightInTheBox Rainfall LED Shower Head. This particular shower head’s dimension is 20cm. It doesn’t need any batteries and operates using the pressure of water. It is made so that it can be fitted to any average shower. So there are no adjustment hazards. The installation process is very simple. If you want to replace your old shower head and try this one out then the replacement process is just child’s play.

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You only have to remove your previous shower head and then screw up the new one in its place. And you are done with the installation. You don’t need any extra pipes for connecting this entertaining shower head. It will fit perfectly to the shower pipe of your bathroom. The head is also wonderfully colored with lights.

Though it comes with several beautiful LED lights on top, you may also add separate crystal lights to this. The shower head is made of pure stainless steel and is quite hardy. The lights don’t stop working even after falling from a height. Its contemporary design looks great and will surely change the look of your showering area. The in-built LED lights are of very high quality. The color of the lights changes according to the temperature. Lights are activated with the flow of water. It offers three colors of lights; namely, red, blue and green. This is a very cost-effective product.

Some great facilities of this special new rain shower are the adjustable faucet and head messaging facility. Since the source of the light is LED, replacement process is also easy and cheap. Nowadays, LED lights are available everywhere. The shower starts with a cool soothing blue light and as the temperature of the water changes gradually, it changes into purple and red in turn.

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Lightinthebox® 8 Inch Single Functional Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower Head Chrome Bathroom Bath Fixed Shower Head Square Shower Set

Lightinthebox® 8 Inch Single Functional Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower Head Chrome Bathroom Bath Fixed Shower Head Square Shower Set Rating:
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Sale Price: $31.99
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Product Description

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Type: Rain Shower

Features: Rainfall,LED

Material: A Grade ABS

Shape: Rectangular

Finish: Chrome

Shower Width: 200 mm (7.87";)

Shower Length: 200 mm (7.87";)

Style: Contemporary

LED Power Source: Waterflow

LED Color: Green,Blue,Red

LED Color Change: Water Temperature

LED Turns Green between: 31-40°C 87.8-104°F

LED turns Blue between: 0-30°C 32-86°F

LED turns Red between: 41-50°C 105.8-122°F

LED begins flashing between: 51-100 (123.8-212 )

Number of Settings: 1

Installation Type: Wall Mounted

Connection Standard: G1/2

Shower Arm Included: No

Shower Hose Included: No

Slide Bar Included: No


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