Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Elongated Electric Bidet with Warm Air DryerThe Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Elongated Electric Bidet with Warm Air Dryer is one of the latest designs in bidet systems that you’re going to want in every bathroom of your house. With new and improved designs and functions, this bidet has got it going on.

It’s getting rave reviews and is at an excellent price point. Along with twin spray nozzles for superior cleaning, the slow close lid makes it a quiet close every time and the heated seat will make middle-of-the-night potty breaks a comfortable interruption to sleep. If you’re ready to upgrade to the world of bidets, here is a look at why everyone is getting the Feel Fresh HI-4001WT.

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Ease of Use

The Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Elongated Electric Bidet with Warm Air Dryer is super simply to use. It’s designed to help with your personal comfort. The twin spray nozzles make it easier for you to get cleaner quicker.

There are different and superior cleaning patterns making your bidet experience more efficient. It also has a hands-free dry which means you won’t even need to reach for the toilet paper. Adjust the seat to your preference with the buttons to the side. Installation is a breeze and maintenance is low.

Product Features

The product features an elongated style seat with an electric bidet system and warm air dry in a white color. It has twin spray nozzles to provide superior varying cleaning patterns. The water spray and temperature can be adjusted to your comfort level. The lid and seat have a slow-close function which makes the closing process very quiet each time you shut the lid.

The warm air dryer works like a gentle hair dry, which is hands-free and eliminates the need for toilet paper. Adjust the heated seat to your preference, making it perfect for wintertime and to work as a stimulator.

The sit-down wash basin is convenient, low maintenance and promotes cleanliness. While it was once considered a luxury bathroom fixture, it’s now becoming common and necessary in every bathroom. The product is designed to provide gentle cleansing while conserving water and energy. It’s easy to install and use with minimal maintenance. Control temperature of the water and heated seat function to the right of your seat without getting up.

The product weights about 15 lbs. and the dimensions are 19.5×19.8×6.5 inches. The color is white and it does not require batteries. The temperature ranges from 90 degrees to 105 degrees.

Value for Money

With the positive rating of this product and the manufacturer’s warranty for one year, the product has a great value for the money. It was originally priced at $469.00; it’s now only $339.95 with free shipping.


Since the product has only been out since 2010, it’s a fairly new model and has most of the kinks of previous models handled. It is at a great price point, provides super simple installation and has all of the bells and whistles.


Unfortunately the product doesn’t come in any other colors so for those with a dark color scheme in the bathroom, you’re going to get it in white. There is a round seat but it’s actually a different model #. The only other improvement that could happen is a remote control which this doesn’t have.

Consumer Reviews

At the time of writing the Feel Fresh HI-4001WT has 10 customer reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.8 stars and you can read them by clicking here.

The reviews are in and people love the Feel Fresh Electric Bidet! Customers are saying this is a great product and that you’ll miss it when you’re not at home. Previous models would turn yellow, deteriorate and the seat cover would crack and weaken.

This new model was redesigned to not loosen. Those with back problems, older people and pregnant women will love this design and refuse to use a regular toilet seat again. The comfort level is excellent. You won’t need any special tools and everything works great.

Installation is a piece of cake by following directions with minimal plumbing experience needed. The seat warmer works great, on at all times and works at your desired temperature.


This product is a total winner. Check out the Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Elongated Electric Bidet with Warm Air Dryer for an update to your home’s toilets.

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Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Elongated Electric Bidet with Warm Air Dryer (White)

Feel Fresh HI-4001WT Elongated Electric Bidet with Warm Air Dryer (White) Rating:
List Price: $469.00
Sale Price: $269.00
(as of 11/09/2016 03:05 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

A toilet seat bidet is a sit-down wash basin that is convenient and promotes cleanness. Long considered to be a luxury bathroom fixture, bidets are becoming a common addition to any bathroom. The bidet uses water to provide a gentle cleansing and will help you conserve water and energy. Bidets are easy to install and use, while requiring minimum maintenance. The HI-3000 will make an excellent addition to your bathroom. Bidets are easy to install and use, while requiring minimum maintenance. The HI-4000 will make an excellent addition to your bathroom.


  • Twin spray nozzles provide different and superior cleaning patterns
  • Water spray and temperature is adjustable to your individual comfort
  • Slow Close Lid and Seat provides a quiet close every time. Women love this feature
  • Works like a gentle hair dryer. Provides completely hands free drying without the use of toilet paper
  • Comfort of an adjustable heated seat. Perfect for those cool winters and acts as a stimulator