Are you feeling bored with your old shower that produces the same steady and weak flow and for that want some of the best shower heads? After all, a bathing experience should be rejuvenating and relaxing. And the key to it is a good showerhead. Of course you should buy a one with some modern advantages. The best showerhead produced by the top companies is designed to produce a strong and steady flow, temperature adjustment and spray pattern adjustment facility.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency, the water used through showers each year is nearly 1.2 trillion gallons, which is almost one-sixth of the total water consumption of US. The big challenge to the shower head making companies is now to produce showers that provide pleasant flow and at the same time meet the federal flow rate standard. The standard federal flow rate is two and a half gpm.

So while purchasing a shower you must keep in mind a few important points. Since there are a large number of options available, do check carefully the shapes and size which meet your need. Then of course check the price. Surely you don’t want to spend a lot of your hard earned money for buying a simple shower head. Check whether there is any hidden cost or not. If you need some extra adjustment or plumbing setup then don’t go for it. It will only increase the cost.

There are some other entertaining shower heads available now. They come with special lighting effect. There are even showers that have color changing lights included. Generally these lights are LED,so they don’t need any battery support. They alsodon’t need even electricity. These amazing lights are powered by the flow of water. Thus they are cost-effective. But before buying, don’t forget to check the quality of the LED lights. These types of showers also have some extra characteristics, carefully check all of them.

One of the prime points about shower heads is their water efficiency. This is a major option to check. The efficiency of a shower head often depends on the amount of water it delivers. The best ones are those which save water and at the same time deliver a soothing and simulating flow in a cost-effective manner. Some best shower head models present now are those in which you can adjust the water flow and stimulation. It would be a wise decision to go for that one.

Some of the best shower heads are the speakman shower head, kohler shower heads andwaterpik shower head, to name only a few.