Waterproof electronic devices? I know, it sounds like a flying pig. But in reality it is possible. Now you can drop your mobile phone in water without the fear of destroying it. And just think about underwater photography. Yes, that is also done using this modern technology. It used tobe a cumbersome process of enclosing a disposable camera inside a plastic case but modern technology does the waterproofing in a different way.

This hottest technology, known as waterproof nanocoating was first displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. At first it seemed almost like a magic show – the companies demonstrated the technology by submerging their iPhones in water tanks and then pulling them back in a perfect working condition.

The waterproof nanocoating applies water-repelling material coating on the outside of the electronic devices. This coating which has a bonding capacity with any solid object. The electronic device can function perfectlywhen covered with this water repellant. At the same time the water repellant shrugs off any liquid from the device leaving it intact.

Some of the best waterproof electronic devices are:

Blueant: It is a solid high-tech headset with Bluetooth support. The advantages are: background noise cancellation power is superb. It can be used to read text messages from any Android supported device. Conference call facility is available. You can add multiple callers directly from this particular headset. However, the A2DP sound is up to the mark.

Water Speaker: It is unbelievable that speakers can be waterproof. But this modern waterproof nanocoating makes it possible. Now you can listen to your favorite music or even receive important phone calls without coming out of your bathtub or shower. Most of these speakers support wireless Bluetooth so that you can transfer music from any other PC or Smartphone. Top five products of this category are: Fugoo Style, Ultimate Ears Boom, Bose SoundLink III, iHome iBT24 and Braven BRV-1.

Waterproof Radio: There are numerous radios that are both waterproof and at the same time meet almost all communication needs. These includes GRMS (General Mobile Radio Service), FRS (Family Radio Service) and VHF (Very High Frequency) marine-band radios. For people who live in coastal regions or in inland waterways, VHF radios are a common device. They are also standard devices for most ships.

No longer do you have to keep your electronic devices indoors or in plastic boxes. Where you are, they can be also – even in the rain.