Why you should listen while you shower? Maybe you are so busy that you don’t have any time to listen to your favorite music anywhere else or what? Nowadays, most of us have Smartphones or iPhones and we can listen to music while travelling or working from home. So the first option is not feasible. However busy we are, we can still have time to listen to music. Then what is the reason behind this?

Bathing is a refreshing experience to all. It is the daily activity which makes us ready for the rest of day. So if there is something entertaining and fun in this activity then it will be taken as an added advantage. Sometimes it may happen that you are home alone at night and you want to take a bath. All day long you are in places full of background noises and suddenly you found yourself in a place where you can hear the sound of a falling pin. You may feel uncomfortable then. The constant sound of dripping water can be annoying. In situation like this, if you have your favorite music playing inside the rest room may soothe your nerves. But how can it be possible?

Waterproof speakers, the word may sound like an anomaly but it is reality now. Now you can listen while you shower. The waterproof speakers make this possible now. The music in your bathroom makes your bathing experience luxurious as well as refreshing at a time. For extremely busy persons a phone call may come at any time. So, how can they receive their important business calls while taking bath? Don’t worry. There are water-repellant speakers now. Water speaker now has call receiving and call holding facilities. You can receive the call or even record that one from the bathtub now. You don’t have to come out of it for call receiving. Most of these water-resistant speakers have Bluetooth receivers. These wireless Bluetooth devices are capable of steaming music from PC, Smartphone or iPhones.

There is also shower radio available. They have good sound quality, easy to install and work perfectly in wet conditions. There is digital control with station preset, so that you are able to listen to your favorite music or important news. These radios are small and come with attached clock; the waterproof radio has FM stations. These devices are easily attachable and can hang from the shower hook. Since they support Bluetooth you canalsostream music from any connected Bluetooth device.