In order to get fresh everybody needs a refreshing bath every morning. But is it possible to get fresh with the same old restroom and same gloomy shower again and again? We all need changes to get fresh. Especially when it comes to bathing experience we need some extra oomph. Because this is the daily chore which makes ourselves fresh and ready for the next hours. In past two years, many well known electronic product development companies have invented numerous waterproof electronic bath fittings which change our bathing experience a lot.

Here we will discuss about the top 5 fun shower fittings available in 2014:

1. LED Color Changing Showerhead

If you want to put some colors in your bath then this LED color changing shower heads is one of the most essential appliances for you. There are a number of options available for this product, of which you can try Led color changing shower head manufactured by Showerdoordirect. The facts and findings about this product are:

• It doesn’t require any battery support
• Operates using water pressure
• Easy to fit
• Color changes automatically when water id turned on.
• Easy to replace the LED lights
2. ION Sound Splash Wireless Waterproof Speaker with Full-Range Speaker and Call Answering

Do you want to hear your favourite music while bathing? Also want to receive your business calls without coming out of the tub? Seems impossible? No it is perfectly possible. It may sound unfeasible for a speaker to be waterproof but ION Sound Splash Wireless Waterproof Speaker with Full-Range Speaker and Call Answering is one this type. The special facilities of this product are: Wireless Bluetooth support, Call answering facility from any Bluetooth supported device, can be attached perfectly with any iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Android device, easily controllable, protected against water splashing.
3. AquaAudio Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers

This is another waterproof speaker which can be taken as a fun bathroom fitting. The special functions are: Wireless Bluetooth support, music adjustment facility, call holding and call answering ability, Suction cups on back for perfect fitting on wall, except shower, you can also use it in pool, boat or bathtubs.
4. Splash Shower Tunes Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker

This shower speaker is developed by FreshETech. It is one of the most efficient waterproof speakers available now. This speaker is small in size, cost-effective, comes with updated micro USB charger, call answering and call holding facility available.
5. LightInTheBox 8 Inch Single Function Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower Head

There are number of rain showers available currently, of which this Chrome made product is one of the best. It is cheap, easy to install, easy to replace the LED lights, automatically changes color with water temperature.