It seems to be normally accepted that to have great tasting drinking water at home you will have to buy it in a bottle. The days of water that is fresh and healthy readily on tap are long gone – particularly in urban areas and our cities.But by fitting a water filtration system in your home you can achieve just the level of drinking water that you want. What is more, you can be certain that your family are protected from the nasties which can lurk in the water they are drinking.

Water is misleading. Just because it looks clear and clean does not mean that it is safe to drink. Anyone travelling to remote areas would expect that the water was not safe, especially in hot climates. The sad fact is that our urban populations have grown so much that the mains water purification systems are mostly overloaded. And we are not alone. According to some research reports as much as 90% of the entire world’s fresh water is contaminated to some extent.

In the early days people realized that drinking water from some sources caused illness. It was soon learned that by boiling the water and letting it cool before drinking, not nearly as many folk became ill. Boiling water is still one method of ensuring that you have clean, safe-to-drink water. Going to the extreme, if you boil the water, catch the water vapor (steam) in a clean, cold container and let it drip down the sides, you will have distilled water. Distilled water is totally pure, because no impurities – not even the tiniest of microorganisms or finest chemicals – can travel in the steam. But boiling water is time-consuming. Distilling it is even more so. As a result the manufacture of home water purification and filtration systems has become a huge industry in recent years.

There are many different types of water filtration systems on the market today. Each of these water filtration systems processes the filtering differently but all have the same purpose, which is to give you great tasting drinking water at home that is fresh and healthy. The most expensive and most elaborate water filter systems are the whole house water filters, also called point-of-entry systems. Before undertaking the installation of such major proportions, it would be good to be sure of the need for it. Your water provider (in the U.S.) will supply, at your request, a water quality report for your area. If such a report is not available for your home, or if you have a private well, it may be an idea to arrange for water testing to be done.

Dietitians, medical advisers, health trainers and all sorts of others who are concerned with our health are unanimous about the need to drink plenty of water. Some say eight glasses of water per day, some advise even more than that. Cancer patients particularly are told that water is vitally important to help overcome the effect of some treatments. It is up to us, each one of us, to make sure that we have clean, safe, great tasting drinking water at home.